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Yeti – the fifth member of the Skoda family – is finally coming in from the cold. Combining all the rugged strengths of a traditional 4x4 with the practicality and running costs of a hatchback, Yeti is a true crossover vehicle. Its mix of two and four-wheel drive, diesel and petrol engines, flexible seating arrangements, high driving position and bold styling mean that, unlike its legendary namesake, Yeti is as at home conquering the urban jungle as it is in the wilderness. Yeti’s arrival has been timed to perfection. With motorists more conscious than ever of their impact on the environment and the cost of running a car, Yeti is the perfect option for buyers who want to minimise outgoings without compromising on style, safety and driveability. In other words, Yeti is the right car at the right time for thousands of motorists.

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From one Yeti comes two – For the first time ever, the Czech compact-SUV will be available in two variants: as the elegant and stylish ŠKODA Yeti for the town, and an adventurous off-road ŠKODA Yeti. Both design variations of the ŠKODA Yeti feature a new front and rear, new alloy wheels, fresh interiors, new […]

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Skoda tops owners survey

Skoda owners are the happiest with their car, according to a new survey conducted by Which? Car. The Skoda Yeti, Superb Estate and both the previous- and current-generations of the Superb Hatch have made the top 10 of the survey which asked more than 50,000 owners to rate how satisfied they are with their car, […]

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Yeti park Assist

Park assist is an option aimed at making urban life a little easier.  It is the ideal system for when the driver needs to park quickly and accurately.  Based on the award-winning system offered as an option on the Superb, Yeti’s park assist feature goes one better by including a control unit that looks after […]

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Yeti Off-Roading

Off Road button (standard on Elegance 4×4) To make the most of Yeti’s four-wheel drive system, Škoda has added an off-road mode – accessed via an off-road button on the dashboard. Hit the button when you venture off the beaten track and the ABS, TCS and EDL systems switch to a special off-road setting. Once […]

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Yeti Safety & Technology

Active safety A range of features and measures on Yeti to prevent and avoid accidents include: ESP ESP features a long list of electronic systems designed to stabilise the vehicle in critical handling situations, including ABS, EBD, EBC, ASR, EDL, HBA, DSR, ESBS (standard on all 4×4 models, optional on all other models). Effective lighting […]

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Skoda Yeti Forum Posts


I use my local tyre fitters, Coombe Tyres in Nailsea, where I live. They are competitive with the 'on-line' suppliers, as they fit for them, and operate a very efficient service. Bought two Dunlop run flats for my Mini convertible, and got a £20 Tesco fuel voucher as well!Used their mobile fitting service last year when I burst TWO near side tyres by running over something in the road in the dark, and pouring rain. My Urban has no spare wheel, only the gunge and inflator-no use with big h ...

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Fuel filling problem

Hi I have a Yeti 1800TSI 4x4. I have recently acquired this fault.It has happened a few times but it comes and goes. Took it to a garage and they stuck rods down the filler pipe to see if anything was blocking to no avail.Was thinking that the breather hose on the tank maybe became blocked, but I can't get at the tank to check.What is the fault. The Skoda Independent garage I went to have not encountered this problem before. Any idea's anyone.   ...

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I've seen another Yeti!

Jungle Green Yetis are indeed a rare beast - that's two of us out there!  Despite certain members thinking mine looks Brown or Khaki (!)   (Gallery pic), most people love the colour.  Compared with my neighbour's Lime Green Range Rover, it is outstandingly beautiful!! ...

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Yeti MPG

Like "micmc" I have a 3 week old Greenline Outdoor SE, coming back up from Ulvrston to Edinburgh (only 200 miles on clock) but still returned 61.2mpg.Once the engine eases off, I would not be surprised to get closer to the 70 mark.I'm over the moon with the economy of the 1.6 tdi.  ...

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Westfalia Tow Ball Height

There has been much discussion on the Form regarding the ball height of the Westfalia detachable towbar.  I have real problems because I am towing a small box trailer. Members have advised that a VW Tiguan ball will drop the height to a more acceptable level.  I have watched eBay regularly but none have come up.  I saw a ball for a Toyota Land Cruiser 2006 last week and the layout looked as if it was a good bit lower than the Yeti one.  I decided to give ...

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