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Off Road button (standard on Elegance 4×4)

To make the most of Yeti’s four-wheel drive system, Škoda has added an off-road mode – accessed via an off-road button on the dashboard. Hit the button when you venture off the beaten track and the ABS, TCS and EDL systems switch to a special off-road setting. Once engaged, the accelerator responds more sensitively when pulling away on loose surfaces, while the operating parameters for the pulling-away assistant and hill start assistant are widened.

The hill start assistant also helps out when descending steep slopes. Through gentle, automatic application of the brakes, the system maintains a constant speed. All the driver has to do is steer the car in the right direction and Yeti does the rest.

The off-road button has a set of intelligent functions to aid driving on difficult, slippery surfaces, further increasing the safety of driver and passengers.  The system is enabled when the button is pressed and illuminates.  The driver does not need any previous off-road experience to feel the benefits of this easy to use system.

Uphill start assist

Downhill assist

ABS off-road

ASR off-road

EDL off-road



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