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General Information

Yeti S+ 2.0TDi CR110, EA189 unfixed.
Cappuccino Beige (where’s the beige? More like sil
S spec plus half way to SE with parking sensors, air con, etc.
First registered 2010
Two owners from new.

First owner a company lease vehicle, allocated to a specific driver/user, based in Cheshire. Covering 78,000 miles in three years. Four services on manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

Second owner me. Although main daily driver is SWMBO and also used occasionally by myself and two other daughters as named drivers. Averaging 21,000 miles per year over 5+ years at time of writing. Total miles just shy of 190,000. Bought may 2013 just out of manufacturer’s warranty from local independent Skoda specialists Brookroyd Garage, near Harrogate.

Serviced every 8-9000 miles for oil and filter changes. With more major services every third oil change and detailed inspections annually for MoT, supplemented by regular checks by me on all systems.

Other significant expenditure and events:

78,000 mls - new timing belt, water pump, clutch and dual mass Flywheel pre-purchase as part of deal with Seller.

115,000 mls - replace front disks and pads. £74.

119,000 mls - 2 new Michelin’s and 4-wheel alignment after a flint in bank of a narrow road ripped sidewalls out of two tyres. £288.

121,000 mls / Apr 2015 - new main engine coolant radiator after leak developed in one cross- tube due to a hidden fault at initial assembly of the fan shroud. £83.

138,000 mls / Jan2016 - EGR valve replaced after repeat malfunction due to soot clogging. £609 incl. labour.

141,000 mls / Feb2016 - Rear discs and pads replaced. £65.

149,000 mls / May2016 - New front struts (Sachs) & wheel bearings. £583 incl. labour. - New throttle control unit due to malfunction. £242.

153,000 mls / Sep2016 - New wiring looms to both front doors. £ 362 incl. labour.

161,000 mls / Jan2017 - new turbo following control unit failure. £1024 incl. labour.

178,000 mls / Nov2017 - 2nd new timing belt and water pump, 4.5 years and 100,000 mls after last. £378 incl. labour.
2010 Skoda Yeti S+ 2.0TDi CR110, EA189 unfixed. (Cappuccino Beige (where’s the beige? More like sil)


Later style, silver Skoda logo badges front, rear, and wheel centres. To replace originals affected by white worm.



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