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General Information

330d E46 shape 4-door saloon
Mystic Blue
MSport spec. (lowered & stiffened suspension as M3, leather multi-adjustable seats, etc.)
First registered March 2005. Among the last E46 shape 3-series to be registered in UK, as E90 models were already being sold with 4-cyl engines at the same time. Pre-registered by dealer in Kent and used as dealer exec transport for 15,000 miles.

4 subsequent owners prior to myself. Purchased April 2015 from Oakwood Specialist Cars in Whitley Bay. Having covered just 9000 miles in 3 years with 5th owner and only 112 in previous 12 months.

Serviced according to manufacturer's recommendation for first 95,000 miles, then every 8-9000 miles thereafter.

204bhp version of 6-cyl M57N diesel engine with 6-speed manual gearbox. Ultra smooth torque delivery fit to pull tree stumps with. 2000 rpm in 6th = 80mph actual road speed. Classic motorway mile muncher with decent B-road or track day handling in one compact package!

Image is of near identical previous E46 330d (184bhp, 5-speed version.)
2005 BMW 330d E46 shape 4-door saloon (Mystic Blue)


Wheel and Tire
Originally fitted from factory with MSPORT 18" alloys in staggered widths.
225/40 R18 tyres front. 255/35 R18 tyres rear.

Now wears 17" wheels from the SE specification version of the same model, with 235/45 R17 summer tyres and 225/45 R17 winters. All round.



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