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    Hello. I have a 2013 1.6 Elegance. It has served me well and now I’m thinking of changing. I am going to be doing regular trips from London to Scotland and want to feel secure in any weather. I’m thinking about a 2.0 litre Elegance 4x4. I’m looking for advice/opinions. Will the 4x4 be better in...
  2. Newbies
    Hi all I have been thinking about getting a Skoda yeti for quite some time, I found a 2015 Outdoor 4x4 tdi cr that has the options I like. However it is an auto box which I would usually avoid. Anyone have experience of the auto and can help persuade me, are they as reliable, driveable etc...
  3. For Sale & Wanted
    Hi All, looking for a 1.8 TSI Yeti, preferably 2013 model but interested in all, anyone know someone looking to sell? New here, be glad of the help :) Cheers
1-3 of 3 Results