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  1. Newbies
    Well, after some hunting, and with thanks for the excellent advice , we have found our Yeti! Many thanks for answering our Newbie Qs - undoubtedly we will be back with many more as we get to know our new ride….
  2. Gallery
    My boot lid emblem got nicked so I made a new one by 3D printing it, Attached the source logo I used. Credit goes to: Nepali language, yeti, Nepal, Ape, snowman, Organic food, com, drink, smile, food | Anyrgb 3D Printer file...
  3. Newbies
    Hi! I'm buying my first car and it is going to have to be a Yeti. But we're not so well informed when it comes to used cars and have narrowed down our search to three specimens: 1...
  4. Technical
    Hey guys first post here! Just got a Skoda yeti 4x4 tdi 2011 (61 plate) my windows work fine up and down, but the auto does not work. Any help would be appreciated! yeewww
  5. Main Message Centre
    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a false floor and spare wheel kit for a 2014 2WD YetiI SE TSI. Not too fussed whether it comes with a wheel or not. If anyone has one spare and is looking to sell, within a reasonable distance from London, I'm very happy to make an offer. Cheers, Tom
1-5 of 5 Results