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Anyone know what the differences might be concerning the antennas fitted to a later model Yeti fitted with an Amundsen+ DAB unit compared to my Elegance that cambe with the standard Amundsen?
There seems to be an increasing number of + units appearing on Ebay and I'd quite like DAB (which wasn't an option when I picked up my Yeti last year). I could go for an aftermarket DAB adapter but it might not be that much cheaper plus I'll have to fit an additional antenna...

It would be nice to keep a fully integrated system and would be wonderful if all I'd have to do is plug and play (but somehow I doubt it!)

(it could also be fun to try and fit the outgoing Amundsen to my wife's Fabia too - suspect that will need a GPS cable fitted in the headlining though?

Nigel in Cambridge
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