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I thought I'd better say hello as I've
been a Yeti owner for just over a week.

We (my wife, son and I) were looking to
change of Mk5 Golf for a new car. I'd tried a new Golf and A3 and
decided to go for the set and try the Octavia as well. When we got
to the Skoda dealer they had a Yeti Urban in the showroom which we
had a look at and liked. As it seemed to suit our needs well, we
decided to take a Yeti for a test drive instead of the Octavia. I'd
found the Golf and A3 very similar to my old Golf so the Yeti
appealed as it was different. Part way through the test drive, on a
country road, I found myself grinning and so that was it!

We were able to buy a 1.2TSI Urban in
silver which had been built a couple of days before and was
unallocated and waiting to leave the factory so the only wait we had
was for him to make his way from the factory over to us. I've found
myself referring to him as 'he' rather than 'she' as that seems to
suit him better, but that may just be me!

Our Golf was 2.0 TDI and had DSG which
I loved, but the Urban comes as manual only. It's not been as bad as
I thought going back to manual though ""“ the clutch is light and the
gear change has a nice action. The 1.2 engine has more power and
torque than I expected and seems to promise much once it's freed up.
The economy seems like it will be similar to the Golf which is good.

I like the various gadgets fitted to
the Urban, I'm having fun getting to know them. The only extras I've
succumbed to so far are the door sill protectors with Yeti foot
prints on them, but it's anyone's guess how far my enthusiasm for
Yeti will take me!

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Hi and welcome to the forum, glad to hear that you like your Urban. It sounds like you will be looking in accessorie catalouges,I hope you don't get in trouble with the treasurer. I bet one of these would look good on your urban

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Hi and welcome, another happy urban owner long may it last
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