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Hi Skoda Yeti Owners Club,
I am collecting my new 2.0 CRD 140 4x4 Elegance DSG tomorrow. I haven't driven one yet, just going by the reviews and the good experience of previous Skoda ownership plus driving a few quick ones for a living (if that isn't a giveaway?) Still Jeremey can't be wrong can he - or am I mad?
My local Skoda dealers said that I would have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for a 4x4 and said that they couldn't even get one for themselves as a demonstrator. So I went to an online company at the end of December who offered me for immediately delivery a 170ps 4x4 Rosso Brunello. I wasn't sure about the colour and decided to wait, but they soon came back to me with the offer of a Silver, Grey or Black 140ps 4x4 DSG in time for Christmas. I put my name on the Steel Grey car but opted to collect tomorrow so that it can be first registered in 2012.
The car will come with heated front screen, mats, tyre pressure monitors and a spare, oh and about two grand under list! Too good to be true? Watch this space.
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