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I have a 59 plate skoda yeti 2.0 140 4x4 elegance I bought it about 8 months ago. It is coming up for 80,000 miles

The heated seat elements needed replacing which I gather is a standard problem.

The air bag warning light came on shortly after, I scanned it and the car had a frayed wire in the nearside door loom, it was patched up. The local skoda dealer are still to phone me back to book the car in to have the loom replaced (been about 5 months).

Last night the driver side electric window switches started flickering on and off. Today the driver side central locking, electric window switches and mirror control are non functioning, the rear driver side door is not operable and the drivers door will only lock and unlock using the key or the inside handle.

I gather the loom on the driver side has frayed.

Has anyone replaced the door looms themselves? Any information would be appreciated.
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