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2016 Yeti 1.2 TSI SE Outdoor (Moon White Met) Heated front/rear screen, heated seats and sat nav
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Hi everyone!
Hope you have all been well!

I have a question about my fuel filler cap. When I refuel, I'd it supposed to just hang down or am I noot seeing something??

Some people say you can put it on top of the flap??

Also, has anyone had any issues with marks on the steering wheel, mine has white marks like the leather has been scratched, but not by me 馃槀

Any help would be awesome!

Happ Yetiying!

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The fuel cap will fit on the top of the flap rather than hang down like this (non-Yeti photo)
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Marks on the steering wheel are most often caused by rings. A touch of leather restorer may hide the marks a bit.

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Try baby wipes.
Great for cleaning cream bicycle tyres and white trainers. (Also safe for newborns' bottoms!)
Used on my steering wheel and gear lever to get rid of sweat/dust mixture accumulation.

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It was many years before I realised that a cap could be hung up like that, I finally learnt it on a trip to Germany in one of our Golfs where filling was done by petrol station staff!

Having had diesel cars for the previous 30 years or so prior to buying the Yeti I took the precaution of adding a reminder that we were now petrol!

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