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Now then all,
Just to say hello.
Picked up an ex-lease 2012 (June) 2.0 Tdi 140 hp 4x4 Elegance DSG in black a few days ago. Just 900 miles up - used by a BP exec for a few weeks. £3k off list and no waiting. Do me. Had a lot of big ticket motors over the years - Audi, BMW, AMG MB etc, but growing out of trying to look flash and looking for reasonably economic value for money runabout with 4WD. I must say that I'm HUGELY impressed by this fine effort from Skoda! Plenty of grunt, great semi-auto box, lots of spec as standard, nimble but not overly firm, more refined than I expected. Thinking I'll be hanging onto this for a couple or three years!
Best wishes to all,
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