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I'm a
newbie, and also I'm from Sweden. I signed up when I learnt about this club
searching for off road pictures of the Yeti. I've had my Yeti now for little
over 18 month, and it is a Yeti Experience 140 bhp 4x4. I really do like this
car and the only thing I would like to change would be addinga DGS-gearbox.
So I did and now I'm waiting for delivery of my new Yeti which hopefully will
be March 2012. I read that in UK you would have to wait up till 12 month, so I
count myself lucky. In addition to the DSG I've also added the Columbus Nav and
also, living in a cold country, I will get a Webasto diesel engine heater (if it's called that in English). Does anyone
have experience of that Nav-system ""“ does it work as well as a Tomtom or a
Garmin. By the way ""“ I'm impressed by the Yeti's off road handling shown in
your pictures.
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