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Yo peeps. Brand new here as just got my first Yeti, 2015 plate and what an amazing car she is, wow...

Anyway, I've been trying to get into the settings of the MFD just to have a look, but when I get into the menu section the scroll wheel doesn't seem to scroll. I've tried and tried but nothing and it won't even select anything when you push it. However I can end a call by pushing the scroll button so the pushing function seems to work but just not for selecting things (very strange). Not getting any error messages. Also just to point out the cruise function seems to work no probs.

Also, how the **** do I change the display馃ぃ?
Your help would be much appreciated...

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Hi Synchro and welcome to this excellent forum. An expert will be along soon to advise.

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Hi synchronicitygav, welcome to the forum. With the scroll wheel if you have just bought your Yeti, take it to the dealer you bought it from in case it needs replacement. As regards changing the display could you be a bit more specific as to what you want to change.

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Could be a problem with the scroll wheel or the clock-spring.
"""The clock spring is one of those parts that works directly with the steering wheel It allows the car's wheel to be turned in a circle while maintaining an electrical connection with the wiring system."""

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