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My wife took this picture while I was driving down the M5. We were on our way to Cornwall on holiday. The back seats were out and the back was stuffed to the gunwhales with camping kit. At this point we had done 125 miles along the M4, M49 and M5. To be fair we had only been doing 50-60 mph a lot of the way because of the amount of traffic.

A few weeks later, I was driving home from the Brecon Beacons and recorded 72.4mpg along the A40. I was by myself so couldn't get photographic evidence. This time, it was after a 40 mile journey although the first 5 miles or so were down hill.

All this with a 4x4, 2 litre, 150 hp oil burner! In all honesty, I normally get about 55mpg and it does drop to upper 40s if I need to get my toe down.


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