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Aussie Yetiphiles...don't look if you're easily brought to tears, but Skoda Australia have just dropped their drive-away prices through the floor.
The DSG diesel is now $9,000 cheaper. Even the 2wd TSI with DSG is $7000 cheaper.
Not so good news if you have just recently made a purchase at the regular price.

Yeti 77TSI (6sp manual) $22,990*
Yeti MY12""  77TSI (6sp manual) $21,990*
Yeti 77TSI (7sp DSG) $25,290*
Yeti 4x4 103TDI (6sp manual) $31,390*
Yeti 4x4 103TDI (6sp DSG) $33,690*
Yeti 4x4 118TSI (6sp manual) $29,690*
Yeti 4x4 112TSI (6sp DSG) $31,990*

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If you add the cost of metallic paint and rear parking sensors to the diesel price, I still saved a about $2000 on that price for a zero km new 2012 model. I didn't think anyone was paying anything like rrp.
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