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Yeti just had it's first service (10,000 mls.) during which it had to have, according to the servicing garage, a faulty part replaced. All sorts of terrible things came to mind, but it turned out to be the boot lid badge. There was found to be a faulty batch which might 'delaminate'.

The oil level was down by around a third of a litre over it's 10,000 miles.

Since then IIG has toured with our caravan down through Belgium and Germany to the Black Forest and back up through France, knocking up another 1500 + miles. Some injuries were sustained to IIG's roof and windscreen while camped on the banks of the river Rhine, caused by a flyaway caravan awning, during some VERY gusty, windy weather.

Prior to the service we had 10 days around the Durham to Northumberland area, and have waved/flashed to several Yeti's from Berwick on Tweed to the Black Forest, with one acknowledgement, from a frenchman somewhere in France.
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